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raid nonsense

January 13, 2019 — ~ben

last week i did some maintenance on the box. probably should have written about it sooner but i didn't make time for it until now.


weechat setup

November 16, 2018 — ~ben

so you decided to switch from irssi to weechat?

what options do you need to set? what plugins? what scripts?

i'll go over some of the most essential of these, and share my full configs.


proactive redundancy

November 15, 2018 — ~ben

after the fiasco earlier this week, i've been taking steps to minimize the impact if were to go down. it's still a large spof (single-point-of-failure), but i'm reasonably certain that at least the irc net will remain up and functional in the event of another outage.


november 13 post mortem

November 13, 2018 — ~ben

we had something of an outage on november 13, 2018 on

i awoke, not suspecting anything to be amiss. as soon as i logged in to check my email and irc mentions, it became clear. was at the least inaccessible, and at the worst, down completely. according the message in my inbox, there hade been an attempted "attack" from my IP.



September 20, 2018 — ~ben

i just got back from a 10-day backpacking trip to italy and i'd like to share some of the photos i took!

the travel plan was rome -> venice -> florence -> naples -> pompei/vesuvius -> capri -> amalfi

this is the roman forum (with colosseum in the background) as seen from the palatine.



September 05, 2018 — ~ben

i somehow stumbled upon utterances today at lunch. (i think someone had it forked on their github page).

no matter how i found it, i still decided to add it to my blog here with bashblog. utterances is a commenting system that leverages github issues. so, for example a comment on a post shows up on github like this.

now we just need to figure out if it can be pointed at a gitea instance like tildegit. might be time for a PR!

tags: blog

no more google

August 14, 2018 — ~ben

not sure if this is appropriately tagged, but i didn't feel like making a new one.

i figured i should probably get some notes down about moving off google.

to start, i'll get a list of the things i was able to easily replace:

i'm still using:

  • gplay music/youtube
  • google maps (open streetmap isn't good enough to replace it)
  • google photos - but this is going to be replaced long-term with syncthing

tags: linux, net-neutrality

upsides of new dns nameservers

August 14, 2018 — ~ben
  • no more google
  • no more google
  • automated certbot validation for letsencrypt wildcard certs!! no more manual TXT records every three months!

tags: dns, linux, tilde

dns shenanigans post-mortem

August 14, 2018 — ~ben

let's start by saying i probably should have done a bit more research before diving head-first into this endeavor.

i've been thinking about transferring my domains off google domains for some time now, as part of my personal goal to self host and limit my dependence on google and other large third-party monstrosities. along that line, i asked for registrar recommendations. ~tomasino responded with namesilo. i found that they had $3.99 registrations for .team and .zone domains, which is 1/10th the cost of the $40 registration on google domains.

i started out by getting the list of domains from the google console. 2 or 3 of them had been registered within the last 60 days, so i wasn't able to transfer those just yet. i grabbed all the domain unlock codes and dropped them into namesilo. i failed to realize that the dns panel on google domains would disappear as soon as it went through, but more importantly that the nameservers would be left pointing to the old defunct google domains ones.

i updated the nameservers as soon as i realized this error from the namesilo panel. some of the domains propagated quickly. others, not so much. was still in a state of flux between the old and new nameservers.

in a rush to get the dns problem fixed, and under recommendation from several people on irc, i decided to switch the nameservers for and to cloudflare, leaving another layer of flux for the dns to be stuck in...

of the five domains that i moved to cloudflare, 3 returned with a dnssec error, claiming that i needed to remove the DS record from that zone. d'oh!

i removed the dnssec from those affected domains, so we should be good to go as soon as it all propagates through the fickle beast that is dns.

tags: linux, sysadmin, tilde, dns

lxd networking and additional IPs

July 26, 2018 — ~ben

now that is on a fancy-shmancy new dedi server, i've tried to get a secondary IP address assigned to a lxd container (which i plan to use for my personal stuff). lxd shows that the secondary IP is being picked up by that container, but i'm still seeing the host machine's IP as the external address.

i'm not sure how i'll need to configure the network settings on the host machine (now that we're running ubuntu 18.04 and it uses netplan for configs and not /etc/network/interfaces). another confusing thing is that the main config in /etc/netplan says that the network config is handled by systemd-networkd...

at least i have through the end of the year when my current vps runs out to get this up and running.

ping me on irc or email if you have experience with this.

tags: linux, sysadmin, ubuntu